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Sell-X Computers’ Warranty Section provides a customer friendly service assuring the customer gets a fair experience. We always try to save both your time and assets by providing a fast and a reliable service. Since most of our suppliers are located in the country itself, we can provide a faster service. Our warranty service will be under the following conditions.


1. Warranty is only applicable under the ‘Warranty Terms and conditions’ of the Supplier.
2. Warranty is only applicable during the time period mentioned in the Invoice. Date of the Invoice will be the Date of Purchase.
3. Warranty is not applicable to the items with corrosions, burn marks or any physical damage.
4. Warranty is only applicable to the extent of the proof of purchase produced. If no such proof exist, warranty cannot be claimed.
5. Warranty covers only the manufacture defects. Damages or defects due to other causes, such as, negligence, misuse, Improper operation, Power fluctuation, lightening or other natural disasters, sabotage or accident, etc. are not covered by the warranty.
6. Warranty Does not apply for software or data lost during repair or replacement.
7. Laptop battery and chargers carry only 01 year warranty.
8. 01M = 1 Month / 03M = 3 months / 06M += 180 Days / 01Y = 350 Days / 02Y = 700 Days / 03Y = 1050 Days / 05Y = 1750 Days / NW = No warranty.

Pre Orders

In case your requirements supersede what the local market has to offer, we will provide you with assistance to meet these requirements. We will step up to cross horizons to locate and satisfy these requirements. Provided that the following conditions are met.


1. 50% minimum advance payment to proceed with a Pre Order.
2.Any payment made in advance is non-refundable.

Home Delivery

Sell-X Computers offers home delivery in every corner of Sri Lanka without any limitation. We deliver to your doorstep within a very short time. We assure you that we undertake delivery to any part of Sri Lanka provided that the following conditions are met.


1. 100% full Payment is required.
2. Payment to be made directly into our bank account for which details will be provided on request.
3. Delivery is outsourced to a dedicated courier.
4. Delivery Charge will be free only for the orders above 100,000LKR